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Pictures of Miscanthus, Chinese Reed, and Elephant Grass

Pictures of Poplars, Willows, and Robinia

Videos about Our Own Energy Wood!

Over the past years, we have filmed a number of exciting energy plants videos that we don’t want to keep from you, of course!

Winter returned to our energy wood in Oberhofen am Irrsee (Austria). Exactly a high time for cutting saplings!

Our energy wood and miscanthus (elephant grass, Chinese reed) plants spoiled us with enormous growth again this year. Three to four meters for Miscanthus giganteus and poplars, two to three meters for willows correspond on this soil to about 10 tons of dry mass per hectare annually. Enjoy viewing energy plants!

Energy Wood

Here you can see an optimal process of fully mechanized energy wood planting with valuable background information.

Nararos (renewable raw materials), such as energy willows in this specific case, but also energy poplars and robinia can be processed in such manner rationally and cost-efficiently into biomass or wood chips. Depending on distances to contracting companies, energy wood harvesting with such re-built maize choppers on areas above 3 hectares would be economically reasonable.


Here you can see the optimal process of fully mechanized planting miscanthus (elephant grass, Chinese grass) with valuable background information.

Miscanthus (elephant grass, Chinese reed) can now be used in very different manners. Along with being used as alternative building and insulating material, as well as garden mulch (instead of bark mulch) or as second-generation biofuel (BTL), these examples find their uses as fuels or as litters in the film.