Miscanthus (Chinese Reed, Elephant Grass) – All Information at a Glance

Miscanthus giganteus

Miscanthus giganteus

Speaking on the species of the genus of Miscanthus (also: elephant grass or Chinese reed, Chinese grass), we usually mean  very fast-growing, winterhardy, deciduous bunch grasses (no bothering offshoots like bamboo).

Along with ornamental varieties of miscanthus, the prevailing sort in agriculture or in the area of renewable energy is Miscanthus (sinensis) x giganteus that we would like to introduce to you in more details in the following Miscanthus Newsletter and in further information!

A Brief Miscanthus Newsletter

For everyone who would like to have the most important information on miscanthus, elephant grass or Chinese reed quickly, we have prepared a Brief Info on Miscanthus containing the following items:

Here you can find the summarized Brief Newsletter on Elephant Grass.

Detailed Information on Miscanthus, Elephant Grass, Chinese Reed

Then you can find more information with the following details

Here you can get to the summarized detailed information about miscanthus

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