Reinhard Sperr – a master gardener and a professional in the area of miscanthus and energy crops

Reinhard Sperr’s love for nature and for began in the cradle. Grown up on his parents‘ farm in Oberhofen am Irrsee, he already experimented as a little boy with varieties of plants and their shoots.

So the ground for Reinhard Sperr as a successful independent master gardener was prepared very early, and this was how he got his trading license in 2000.

Since 2005, Reinhard Sperr has been intensively developing the area of energy plants that can make any farmer a producer of energy resources! Fascinated by the fact of being able to contribute to solving some future energy using energy plants, he decided to specialize in this area – successfully!

Currently, customers in over 13 countries trust in his products and services, and he is widely known in the relevant farming scene outside Austria. He supports farmers by consulting them about how, for example, to provide hardly available or difficultly managed lands with energy plants, or completely change such lands.

The ecological added value:

Energy plants provide, upon only one-time planting, many years of gains that are 4 times as much as they were with normal woods. Moreover, 1 hectare of energy wood replaces 4,000 to 7,000 liters of oil yearly. From the ecological point of view, these figures do not allow assuming anything good, but the case is quite opposite. Energy woods offer natural retreat areas for animals, the ground is loosened up due to the intensive root penetration, and, as compared to crop cultivation, it is just very insignificantly loaded with machines. Just very small amounts of or even absolutely no plant protection products or fertilizers would be necessary for planting.

Most exciting: Energy woods are CO2 neutral! This means that the tree, on the biomass being combusted, does not produce any CO2 that it hasn’t converted into oxygen during its life time.

Even Reinhard Sperr cannot answer so easily to the question of how the future power supply can be quaranteed for the people.

Impressively, however, he shows even now exciting and sustained opportunities to replace fossi fuels with renewable CO2-neutral raw materials, and that in the time where the topic of energy plants is just at the beginning to alternative biomass production.

As a professional, Reinhard Sperr is available to every farmer with his know-how and the relevant planting materials, and he opens fort hem the door to become energy providers! A fairy-tale will probably end here – Reinhard Sperr’s success story goes on with his energy plants!