Event tip: Practice Day Bioenergy, Wieselburg, Austria, 30.01.2015

Energieholz Feldbegehung Niederösterreich 2015
Practice Day Bioenergy – Using the Cycle of Nature

Harvesting a poplar field with the Woodcracker harvesting machinery and comprehensive information offered by WESTTech and the research and development partners from Wieselburg Technopol.


10:00-12:00 a.m.: Harvesting demonstration

  • Harvesting a poplar field with the Woodcracker harvesting machinery
  • Representation of a logistics chain for harvesting, crushing, transporting, and storage
  • Information on developing energy wood areas
  • Information on and demonstration of the recultivation of energy wood areas
  • Possibilities for utilizing the harvested crops
  • Exhibition and company presentations

starting at 12:30 p.m.: Panel of experts discussing the Practice Day

The event review

Visiting Energy Wood Areas in Lower Austria, 2015 Despite heavy snow, a considerable number of those interested in energy wood gathered at the Practice Day Bioenergy in Wieselberg.

A sample poplar energy wood area demonstrated was developed just 5 years ago with three different poplar clones – the Italian AF2 and AF8, and the local Max 4.

The growth can be surely estimated as above average, and both the soil quality and water supply satisfy the poplars used very well.

On an improvised stage, the exhibiting companies and the area owner had their chances to speak. Below are a few feedbacks on the event:


Felling-bunching device mounted on a tractor, Utilaj forestier de exploatat montat pe tractor, Fäller Bündler montato su trattore, Uređaj sa sečenje drva marke Bündler montiran na traktoru, Fäller Bündler auf Traktor montiert

Felling-bunching device mounted on a tractor

The felling-bunching device claw captures and collects poplar trunks

Felling-bunching device mounted on an excavator

Fäller Bündler auf Bagger, Abtransport mit Rückewagen, Felling-bunching device on an excavator, removal with a trailer,  Uređaj sa sečenje drva marke Bündler na bageru, transport prikolicom

Felling-bunching device on an excavator, removal with a trailer

Poplar wood harvesting, removal from the energy forest, Uređaj sa sečenje drva marke Bündler na bageru, transport prikolicom, Pappel-Holzernte, Abtransport aus Energiewald

Removal of cut poplar trunks with a trailer

Restoring the farmland upon planting the energy forest, Obnova njive nakon sadnje šume sa energetskim drvećem, Wiederherstellung Acker nach Energiewald Bepflanzung

Energy forest recultivation with a rotary tiller

Topola Max 4 nakon 5 godina, Pappel Max 4 nach 5 Jahren, Max 4 poplars after 5 years,

A 5-year-old poplar trunk upon energy wood harvesting

Pappel-Lagerung zum Abtrocknen, Poplar storage for drying, Skladištenje topola za sušenje

The harvested poplar trunks in bulk for drying

These two short videos give a good insight into the energy forest work:

The excavator with a felling-bunching device at harvesting an energy-wood short rotation

Recultivation of energy forest with a soil cutter / rotary tiller

Link to the event: http://www.ecoplus.at/de/ecoplus/technologie-forschung/event/praxistag-bioenergie

Location: TFZ – Technology and Research Center, Wieselburg-Land, Gewerbepark Haag 3, 3250 Wieselburg-Land, Austria

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