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Sida east, Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby or Virginia mallow

Sida east, Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby, or Virginia mallow, as this mallow family is also referred to, is native to North America and belongs, botanically, to perennials. This means that the plant, like Miscanthus, sprouts from the soil in April / May, reaches its final height of about 3 to 4 meters in midsummer, and then dies […]

Poplars, Willows and Robinia in the Short Term

Short-rotation planting (SRP) or energy wood of fast-growing trees (poplars, willows, and robinia) grown on garmlands or grasslands represent a valuable andnecessary alternative for biogenic raw material supply already now and, first of all, also in future. Why Short-Term Farming? The first supply difficulties due to the growing number of biomass heat plants and also small heating appliances in private sector, as well as also the growing […]


In fact, Paulownia tomentosa or P. elongata (+ clone Shang Tong)is not an extensive energy plant. Of course, you can use this tree as an energy plant, too, i.e. use it for heating, because it promises huge growth; however, there may be some far more lucrative options for using paulownia. As valuable for sport goods, such as surfboards, […]

Trends in cultivating extensive energy plants in 2014: Miscanthus (elephant grass) or robinia in an energy forest? (Part 1)

New energy plants season 2014 is directly on our doorstep now; however, some farmers do not know exactly yet what they want to plant. But, for Extensive Energy Planting, you should plan on a long-term basis and make decisions for more then only the upcoming season. Quite obviously, poplaris still the favorite among woods. It seems to have shaken off its bad […]

Produce Miscanthus briquettes yourselves… Get informed now!

You can use Miscanthus for many purposes. It can be used as an alternative for bark mulch in a home garden, as a part of admixtures to construction materials in industry, or as chopped materials for combustion and power generation. In view of the growing prices of heating oil and gas,the last one is a […] – a new platform for buying & selling approved hay

Success does not often have much to do with happiness. Of course, we know the site maker of in person. For us, it makes the whole thing even more interesting. After all, Florian Gollob cares for our websites and,actually, does not have much to do with hay or straw. However, Florian also works for a large […]

Sida summer planting in Greece: Stress test – 1 very tight summer week

Sidapflanze, Sida east, Sida hermaphrodita   We conducted another, a bit unwanted stress test this week, packing sida plants. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we could not export sida to Greece as planned, and it was collected the whole working week at summer temperatures, densely packed in a box. You could see the quite astonishing result below: […]

Common Economic Welfare: An Alternative Economic Model?

The common economic welfare (CEW) is intended as an alternative economic model for the current liberal market. Der Service Gärtner, a sister company of would like to give you an insight into the topic: What is the background? How did Der Service Gärtner arrive at the idea? Our experiences, and what it has brought it to us […]

Progress report on planting willows and poplars

Today, we would like to offer you an insight into planting that we have performed near Linz. Mr. Woisetschläger has transformed a part of his green spaces together with us into an energy area and is providing his first feedback now, 3 years after planting.   First, however, some project details: His property located at […]

Event tip: Practice Day Bioenergy, Wieselburg, Austria, 30.01.2015

Practice Day Bioenergy – Using the Cycle of Nature Harvesting a poplar field with the Woodcracker harvesting machinery and comprehensive information offered by WESTTech and the research and development partners from Wieselburg Technopol. Program: 10:00-12:00 a.m.: Harvesting demonstration Harvesting a poplar field with the Woodcracker harvesting machinery Representation of a logistics chain for harvesting, crushing, […]

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