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Sida summer planting in Greece: Stress test – 1 very tight summer week

Sidapflanze, Sida east, Sida hermaphrodita   We conducted another, a bit unwanted stress test this week, packing sida plants. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we could not export sida to Greece as planned, and it was collected the whole working week at summer temperatures, densely packed in a box. You could see the quite astonishing result below: […]

Trends in cultivating extensive energy plants: Miscanthus (elephant grass) or sida? (Part 2)

For extensive energy plants to be harvested yearly, unfortunately, there is still no such a large choice, as for energy woods. But, exactly these grasses and perennials have some important advantages over energy forest crops. What they have in common, is that the crops are usually harvested very dry, far below 20% (8-15%), and you can use normal harvesters, such […]

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