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Written by Reinhard Sperr on October 21, 2017 in Glossary

All renewable organic materials that form a plant and can be finally utilized are summarized under biomass. In the general language use, this mainly means wood – from an energy forest, of course. However, the Miscanthus (elephant grass) or Sida east crops naturally belong to biomass and, as such, can be used for power generation or heating.

Other biomass uses are: Utilizing landscape trees and shrubs, but also straw, grain or residues from grain production, such as corncobs. However, the rapid development of too strongly increasing capacity for biomass cogeneration plants in Central Europe also creates new challenges and, amid the rising prices of raw materials, procurement becomes increasingly difficult.

With our extensive energy plants, we cannot “save the world” or provide all the necessary energy/fuel supplies, but, as one of many opportunities, we can help reduce the dependance on fossil fuels and increase the added value in the region.

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