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Care and Plat Protection of Miscanthus / Chinese Grass

In the first year, the weed control, along with the quality and freshness of rhizomes, is the critical factor for the success of planting. After the second year, about 30% of the full potential output can be harvested. In the third year, the first full harvest is available, and, starting from this date, the small amounts of fertilizers can be added.

For weed control, „Callisto“ and „Harmony“ (maize media) are allowed. Alternatively to the implementation of spray liquids, hoeing and careful currying have also proven their worth. If weeds are controlled mechanically in the year of planting, usually three-time hoeing between the rows.

Liability to diseases or to pests is very small or isn’t known well; however, it is possible at hillsides or with weakened products.

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