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Energy plant encyclopedia


Cultivation areas for Paulownia

Suitable areas for cultivating paulownia can be found in Europe in mild, low-lying locations, wine regions or Mediterranean areas. Rainfall from 550-650 mm are necessary for this plant, especially during growth. In planting, the paulownia roots into even deeper soil levels and, thus, it is well prepared for longer dry periods. Locations with late frosts […]

Planting of Paulownia tormentosa

Planting takes place in mid-April to mid-May with early young plants that are either “in vitro”, that is propagated as a cell culture or with cut roots, which seems to be especially interesting with larger plantings.

Valuable wood (Paulownia)

As valuable for sport goods, such as surfboards, skis, snow boards, skate boards, etc., in building ships and machines, or wherever you need light and stable, flexible wood, paulownia is a popular raw material today. Since in cultivating valuable timber larger diameters (30-50 cm) tend to be used, the volumes of 300-1,500 per hectare (depending […]

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