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Energy plant encyclopedia

wood fuel

Energy forest

  Energy forest is a term used for the cultivation of fast-growing trees, mostly poplars, willows, and robinias, on cropland or pastureland. The harvest (also referred to as “stock”) takes place, not like with “conventional” forest, only once in 30-100 years, but within 2-10 years, depending on the system and planning. An energy forest sprouts after harvesting (ground-level pruning) again and can be […]

Wood chips

(See also Chips) Producing wood chips from energy wood in short rotation faces two fundamental challenges: Fine or bark content in wood chips Water content Exactly, the bark content in willows in short rotation is relatively high, which decreases the quality of goods. Basically, the bark content reduces in total wood chips, the thicker the trunks are in harvesting. […]

Wood fuel

We use the term of “wood fuel” not only for biomass from short rotation / energy forest, but also any wood from “natural” growth, such as from forests, which issupplied for energy purposes. With the increased use of wood for energy purposes (energy wood, or wood fuel), it also came to a competitive situation on the timber market in recent […]

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