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Cultivation areas for Paulownia

Written by Reinhard Sperr on February 4, 2018 in Energy Plants Knowledgebase Paulownia

Paulownia tomentosa

Suitable areas for cultivating paulownia can be found in Europe in mild, low-lying locations, wine regions or Mediterranean areas. Rainfall from 550-650 mm are necessary for this plant, especially during growth.

In planting, the paulownia roots into even deeper soil levels and, thus, it is well prepared for longer dry periods.

Locations with late frosts or very short seasons are unsuitable for primary timber production, as the wood matures relatively late, which often results in frost damages at the tops of the trees in rough locations. This is not a problem for producing energy wood, but it is quite an obstacle in planting paulownia as primary timber.

Waterlogged or very heavy soils are unfavorable, too.

We are currently working through partner companies on trying out even better frost-resistant varieties (test areas in Germany) to be also able to recommend planting paulownia away from the very temperate climates.

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