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Cultivation of Energy Trees

Written by Reinhard Sperr on January 15, 2018 in Energy Plants Knowledgebase wood fuel
  • Late in March to at latest mid-May (highlands)
  • Set/plant saplings (about 20 cm), rods (1-2 m) or one-year-old rooted cuttings (1-2 m), 20-max. 50 cm into the soil and press well down
  • Plantation spacing as a single row (1,500-8,000 pcs) or in two rows (40-80 in each row), a passage (2.5-3 m, about 13,000 pcs/ha) between them
  • There are no high demands for soild or climate (different depending on the sort, also possible on marginal yield soils), however, the yields are higher on good farmlands
  • Planting: Tilling/ploughing farmlands in autumn, preparing them in fine crumbs in spring. You can still treat up to 0.5 ha manually, but it would be reasonable to use planting machines (we can also render this service for you within about 200-300 km around our place). You can also plant rods and rooted plants directly in greenland without further cultivation.

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