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Energy Wood Care, Plant Protection

Written by Reinhard Sperr on January 17, 2018 in Energy Plants Knowledgebase wood fuel

In the year of planting, saplings must be held as protected against weeds as possible. We recommend mechanical or chemical weed control. Starting from the 2nd year till the end of usage period, no more processing is necessary. However, we still recommend controlling the field for possible insects, diseases or weeds. As for now, only small-scale occurences of any significant pests or diseases have been known.

For bio/ecologically oriented companies, mechanical weed regulation is the only possible cultivation measure. So you should mill the planting widths 3-4 times and, depending on weed abundance, chop between rows. Game damages can be avoided on smaller areas (up to max. 1 ha) using Gatterung or Duftzaun products. For the energy wood formed by willows, we recommend to plant as many clones as possible. For dense crops, browsing is limited by the edge of the wood.

Extensive losses can be balanced through replanting saplings or rods. It would not be reasonable to replant for small-area losses, since replanting cannot propagate itself.

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