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Harvest of Elephant Grass / Miscanthus

Dates and methods should be chosen before using or realizing the harvest! The normal period of harvesting is the span from November to early May, April is usually the ideal one. One week of sunshine is necessary before harvesting starts. The water content should be as low as possible (10−20 %), since a higher humidity (>20 %) would cause heating and mould formation in chopped materials.

Maishächsler für Miscanthus/Elefantengras-Ernte

Rowless Maize Chopper for Harvesting Miscanthus

Chopped materials are usually well stored. A condition for the relevant chopping quality are proper harvesting machines and using high-quality knives. This is why it is critical to have enough materials available for collecting – we recommend a cross-sectional height of 10-15 cm. The chop length should be 2−3 cm, while falling stalks are chopped transversely to the direction of falling.
Another possibility is pressing to big bales that can be burnt in whole by large firing installations. We could also conduct successful tests with silo baling.

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