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Miscanths rhizomes

Miscanthus Rhizome

(See also Miscanthus rhizomes, rhizomes)

This a bit cumbersome term of “rhizome” can also be translated as “a piece of root”, “undercuts”, or “root cuttings”. It involves thickened roots of perennial grasses, such as elephant grass, which can be used for the propagation of this plant. Simply, such a propagation via rhizomes can be described as follows:

  1. Excavating a 2-4-year-old elephant grass-stick
  2. Such a stick consists of several root stocks / rhizomes. Now they can be splitted manually (with difficulty) or using a suitable tool, and a rhizome can be taken from them
  3. Alternatively, you can divide such a grass stock into two or four parts, probably with a sharp spade, and then continue dividing into separate parts

An elephant grass rhizome forms an about 1-meter-long root stock within one year upon planting again (this is why we recommend the planting distance of 1×1 m).

Such root cuttings can be obtained from all grasses that form these fleshy rhizomes. Bamboo and Arundo (arrow grass) can also be propagated in this way.

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