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Planting Miscanthus / Elephant Grass

The rhizomes are very sensitive to dry air, so they should be planted as soon as possible upon unpacking (planting time: mid-April to at latest mid-May). Optimal soil temperature for planting is 10°C. For too early planting, there can be a threat of late frosts, while for too late one, there can be unusually high spring temperatures. Plant spacing is 1×1 m = 10,000 plants/ha.

In view of harvesting, it is recommended to form areas as rectangular as possible and to make sure that they are well reachable for heavy harvesting machines. Unfit fields are difficult to be harvested and, because of that, much more cost-consuming in terms of machine expenditures. Starting from 2 ha, harvesting costs reduce significantly.
The rhizomes should be set at a depth of about 4 cm for light soils and about 8 cm for heavy ones. The most profitable planting results from using an old, re-designed potato machine. At the same time, the dropping shaft is replaced with a polokal pipe about 15−20 cm in diameter. For successful growth, an optimal soil contact is necessary, that is why the depth-guiding rollers of the setting machine are of importance. Additionally, the area should be rolled out and watered, if necessary

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