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Planting Miscanthus

Planting Miscanthus

  • Planting time: April-May
  • Recommended with potato cultivation machine (slate shaft 15-20 cm!), it is also possible to do it manually on smaller areas
  • Place rhizomes at a depth of 4 cm (in light soils) to 8 cm (in heavy soils) and then roll over/compress well
  • 1×1 meter planting distance
  • Aquiferous arable soils with good rootability, ideally in (corn) maize locations
  • Average annual temperature of at least 7 degree and rainfall of at least 600 mm, with good distribution during growing season
  • Sandy soils, water logging, and prolonged summer drought have an adverse effect on harvest

For more information on planting Miscanthus, please refer to our planting instructions as a PDF file.
And, of course, we are ready to help you on planting Miscanthus in person by e-mail at: or by phone at: 0043 (0) 6213/69 956!

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