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Planting Poplar/Willow Saplings

Written by Reinhard Sperr on January 16, 2018 in Energy Plants Knowledgebase wood fuel

Energy woods, such as poplars, willows or robinia, are planted in spring, from mid-March to at latest mid-May (upland). About 20 cm long saplings, 1-2 m long rods or one-year 1-2 m long rooted saplings are settled or planted down to 20 to max. 50 cm in the ground and pressed down well. Doing so, you should ensure planting them in a single row with 1,500-8,000 pieces or in double rows (40-80 pieces in a row). Between them, a 2.5-3 m long lane should be made (about 13,000 pcs./ha).

Saplings or rods do not demand very much from soil or climate and can (differently, depending on variety) also be planted on marginal soils. However, higher yields can also be achieved on good arable lands. Arable land should be tilled or ploughed in autumn and prepared in fine crumbs in spring. You can still plant manually on the areas under 0.5 hectares, however, it would be reasonable to use a planting machine.* Rods and rooted plants can also be planted directly in greenland without any further care.

*As a services, we offer planting using a planting machine in the area of about 200-300 km.

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