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Written by Reinhard Sperr on October 21, 2017 in Glossary


Poplar (botanically: Populus) belongs to the willow family and, if uncultivated, grows mainly tree-shapedin fresh and well-irrigated soils. The deciduous leaves are shaped very differently, depending on the varieties, such as balsam poplar, black poplar, or trembling poplar / aspen, and their varieties, such as Max 4, may sometimes have a height of a child.

In energy forests, mostly the breeds of various species and sorts are used. In recent decades, breeding was focused on fast juvenile growth and mass increase. Currently, the focus is on disease and cold resistance.
The growth of these cultured poplar varieties are no longer necessarily tree-shaped. Especially after pruning (harvesting), the stocks sprout mostly with many shoots and tend to form a kind of large shrubs. For example, poplar Max 4 starts to turn sharply after 5-10 years and would be too unstable as a tree.
Currently, the following varieties are cultivated as energy poplars: Max clones, hybrid 275, Pannonia, Muhle Larsen, Androskoggin, and Italian clones, such as AF2, AF8, Monviso. Here you can also buy poplars.

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