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Preparing Soil for Energy Timber

Written by Reinhard Sperr on January 16, 2018 in Energy Plants Knowledgebase wood fuel

Plough the arable land to 25-30 cm in autumn, then harrow immediately before planting in spring. The moment is determined by the preceding crop and the soil characteristics; cohesive soils – autumn or winter furrow (mellowness due to frost), light soils can also be tilled directly before planting.

Greenland: Mandatory soil tilling (exception: Planting roots or rooted plants); tilling at the depth of about 30 cm followed by milling immediately before planting the crop would usually be enough;

herbicides: In locations with, as past experience shows, strong occurrence of weeds, the running herbicides can achieve the desired effects directly before or after planting and/or total herbicides – already in autumn

Undersown: Sown before planting saplings can suppress accompanying growth and, therefore, reduce cultivation measures. Experiments with grain or legume seeds undersown can be used as fruit or mulch (mostly act as slightly growth-inhibiting -> water/nutrient competition).

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