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Renewable energy

Written by Reinhard Sperr on October 21, 2017 in Glossary

“Renewable energy” is a term that is used, not to say overused, today. The whole world is talking about the conversion of exhausting fossil fuels into renewable energy. It is clear to the most of people that this does not work overnight and that the capacities to be developed for this purpose are incredibly large. However, it is understood rather slowly that such a conversion would create new challenges for us, such as area competition, ruining landscapes, the dubious environmental balance of some renewables, etc.

We at can represent with our energy crops just a small cog in this century project of shifting to renewable energy. But we suppose this cog to be very important. In addition to wind, water and solar power, biomass is one of the major renewable energy carriers, which would ensure our energy supply in the future. And, as most people have already known now, the energy source that is not even consumed, but saved, is the most important one!

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