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Written by Reinhard Sperr on January 12, 2013 in Glossary wood fuel

Especially in Sweden, experts have been breeding willows for the cultivation of energy woods. We also sometimes hear about sporadic initiatives from Poland, Italy and England; however, we have not had any experience with them so far. Willows are more suitable for short-term to medium-term rotations, such as 2-7 years with the stocking of about 13,000 pcs / ha, since they can be harvested very well with a harvester, where possible. They have mostly a bush-like growth (5-15 shoots per plant) and, therefore, are less likely to be harvested with forest technology.

We at are the partners of Salix Energy, the largest and most experienced willow breeder in Europe, and offer Swedish willow varieties: Clones Tora, Tordis and Inger are the main varieties, and the ongoing experiments expand the range continuously.

Willows demonstrate their advantages in cooler or high locations, as well as in more humid or acidic soils. Nevertheless, we have already made a good progress in low-precipitation areas and in warmer locations. Willows are relatively uncomplicated to cultivate, only occasionally diseases or pests come about. If you want to plant willows on smaller areas, we would recommend you to establish a fence, because, unlike poplars, they are browsed by wild animals very often.

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