Fragen zur Bestellung, Rechtliches,…

1. Who are www.energiepflanzen.com?

Reinhard Sperr
Gegend 20
4894 Oberhofen am Irrsee

Tel./fax: +43-6213-69956
E-mail: info@energiepflanzen.com

Your contact persons for general questions, data protection, suggestions, and complaints are:
Ms. Petra Asen and Mr. Reinhard Sperr

2. Why do we use cookies?

Why do we need cookies for ordering? Will any illegal data about me be stored in such a way?

No, no personal data will be saved without asking.
First of all, cookies are used for deleting the eventually existing old shopping carts or for caching the actual shopping cart to include the page secured in the SSL, from which then your order can be triggered.

Can I order anything using this Shop if I have disabled the cookies?

No. Unfortunately, cookies are a technical provision for being able to order from this shop system

Are not cookies unsafe?

Since we do not cache any personal data via cookies without your consent, this technology provides you with even more security as compared to those managing the shop cart and personal data on the shop server.
This, in fact, prevents shopping cart and personal data from staying on our servers over a long period of time.
Likewise, cookies are used to automatically detect you at your next visit and to save your time logging in.

3. How secure is my data?

All data submitted to us by our customers is processed strictly confidentially and is not transferred or otherwise handed over to any third parties for remuneration or free of charge.
Excluded from this are:
a) Disclosure in/for meeting regulatory requirements, judicial orders, legal disputes, tax audits, etc.;
b) Disclosure for meeting contractual obligations between the parties, such as purchasing additional services, for instance, post.
Our agents are committed to comply with data protection regulations.

4. Who should I contact with questions or complaints?

Should you have any questions, complaints, or need any general information, then please contact us using the following contact options:

Gegend 20
4894 Oberhofen am IrrseeTel./fax: +43-6213-69956
E-mail: info@energiepflanzen.com

Your contact persons are from
Mon to Fri, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Ms. Petra Asen and Mr. Reinhard Sperr

5. How does our cart work?

Should you wish to finish your shopping tour, just click on the “Empty the cart” or “Checkout” button at your shopping cart in the upper right corner.

If you decide to “Empty the cart”, all your plants previously found will be removed.

Should you go to checkout, then you will be immediately forwarded to your shopping cart.
Here you can see all the items that you have chosen during your shopping tour, listed again.
Now you can delete some items again or increase/decrease the quantities.
As soon as you click on “Confirm”, the total amount will be updated.
The total price always includes the VAT.

As soon as you make the final selection, then click on “Confirm” to update everything.
Right below your order, you can now enter your personal data as well as contact/billing/shipping details.
Moreover, you can choose the method of payment here.
If all data is entered correctly, please read and confirm our General Terms and Conditions, and your order will be sent to us by clicking the “Complete the purchase” button.

Your order, our address and bank details, and other important information will be displayed for you again.
Please print out this information page and keep it for future use.

Should you choose the option of paying via PayPal in payment options, then you will be automatically forwarded to the payment request. Please follow the instructions here. Upon completing the payment, you will get a confirmation of your payment and your order. Please store this well for yourself.

6. How does our shop work?

The Shop is divided into various categories. The products are divided into types, and these again into varieties. They are listed together with the most important and relevant information about them. For additional information, please contact us at: info@energiepflanzen.com.

If you want to buy a product, please choose the relevant package in the “Products” list and then press the “Add to cart” button. It is now in your shopping cart. There you can change the number of packages (1 is the default value). You can find the information on how many pcs. are there in a package in the Products list. This can not be changed in the Shop. If you can not find the number of pieces there, please contact us directly at: info@energiepflanzen.com. You will also be informed there whether any deviations are allowed for your order. The minimum order quantity is the smallest unit specified in the Shop!

7. How quickly will the delivery occur?

Your order will be processed immediately upon receipt. The goods are usually shipped on Mondays upon receipts of payments. Should the delivery, despite everything, be delayed, we will notify you immediately. We then ask you to decide whether you want to cancel the purchase or wait for the delivery. Please let us know about your decision in writing via mail or fax. (Fax: +43-6213-69956, e-mail:info@energiepflanzen.com).

Please consider the following in your order:
Ordering period is the entire year, but delivery period is only during planting times! It starts at the start of March at the earliest and ends no later than in early May. We will, of course, give you an advance notice of when we start sending.

For more information, please read our General Terms and Conditions.

8. Do I have a right of withdrawal?

Yes, of course. According to the Distance Selling Law, every consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract for goods ordered on the Internet within 2 weeks from receipt, without giving a reason.

We request that you return the goods in perfect condition and in their original packaging to us in this case.

Further information can be found in our terms and conditions on Point 8 and 9.

9. What are the payment options?

Our Shop allows paying in cash in advance or by PayPal (i. e. by credit card or by PayPal – no PayPal account required).

As soon as your payment comes in, the goods will be sent out.

For more information, please read our Delivery Terms.

10. How do I pay by PayPal / credit card online?

Upon completion of the order, filling out the shipping/billing details, and accepting the General Terms and Conditions, using the PayPal payment method, choose ‘no PayPal account required’ and then click the ‘Buy’ button.

After that, you will have several options to process the payment.

1. Payment via a PayPal account:

Log in to your personal account using your e-mail address and your password.
Check and confirm the payment within the account.
Then the payment order will be automatically sent to the e-mail.
PayPal Payments Standard 2.0

2. By debit or credit card as a PayPal guest:

In this case, a credit card is required.
Enter the number, the expiry date, and the verification code of your card, as well as personal details in the fields displayed.
Upon clicking on the ‘Next’ button, check and confirm the payment order.
It will be sent by mail to the address provided.

11. What are the shipping options?

Standard shipping is shipping in parcels.The delivery is performed by courier services (for very large quantities) or as package shipments via Hermes, DHL, DPD, or GLS.

12. Liability

A liability for the use of services or their unavailability shall not be assumed.

13. Other information

Our legal notice can be found here: Disclaimer

Our General Terms and Conditions can be found here: General Terms and Conditions

Our information on data privacy protection can be found here: Privacy Policy

Our delivery terms can be found here: Delivery Terms

For further questions, please contact us:
Gegend 20
4894 Oberhofen am Irrsee

Tel./fax: +43-6213-69956
E-mail: info@energiepflanzen.com

Your contact persons are Petra Asen and Reinhard Sperr