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Written by a.pedko on October 16, 2017 in Energy plants

Success does not often have much to do with happiness.

Of course, we know the site maker of in person.
For us, it makes the whole thing even more interesting. After all, Florian Gollob cares for our websites and,actually, does not have much to do with hay or straw. However, Florian also works for a large manufacturer of hay equipment and hay drying machines. There, he discovered the joy of making hay and is now known in the industry from his home to France.

We have known the idea for a long time, and he has actually found the necessary time to implement it into life. is a website wherefarmers can buy and sell hay. What is special here is that hay of all qualities offered for sale can undergo animal food analyses. In this way, the buyers know exactly what goods they get.

Besides, there is also a shop for rabbit hay. Premium hay for small pets is offered there. Florian gets the hay from a farmer who cannot operate dairy farming anymore due to some health problems and has, in this way, an additional opportunity of sales. In any case, we wish Florian all the best! May weather be stable and your hay lifter operational. 😮 )

Hay work: A special craft

Hay work: A special craft

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