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Poplars, Willows and Robinia in the Short Term

Written by ckanz on November 27, 2017 in Cultivation tips Energy plants Poplar Willow
Energiewald Pappel im zweiten Standjahr

Energy Poplar Wood in the Second Year

Short-rotation planting (SRP) or energy wood of fast-growing trees (poplars, willows, and robinia) grown on garmlands or grasslands represent a valuable andnecessary alternative for biogenic raw material supply already now and, first of all, also in future.

Why Short-Term Farming?

The first supply difficulties due to the growing number of biomass heat plants and also small heating appliances in private sector, as well as also the growing need for pulp/panel/saw industries make the search for alternatives for conventional energy wood from forestry more actual than ever.

The use of energy wood can also, on the other hand, help utilize below-average landsreasonably, create an alternative for leasing that is often not very interesting, as well as provide the lucrative possibility of additional incomes for farming enterprises.

Moreover, the topic of independency and supply security is now for every forward-looking farmer a very important point.

Energy Trees / Energy Wood Newsletter

For everyone who wants to have all important information on poplars, willows, and robinia quickly, we have prepared a newsletter. You will find there the following information on poplars, willows, and robinia:

Energiewald Pappelsteckling

Detailed Information on Energy Wood

We have summarized our concentrated knowledge about poplars, willows, and robinia on the following pages:

Here, you find again all important details on short-rotation plants at a glance.
Of course, we are ready to answer your further specific questions regarding your personal energy planting project by phone or by e-mail at:

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