Silphium perfoliatum (Cup Plant) in a 2-3 Liter Pot

  • SILPHIUM PERFOLIATUM is a very fast-growing herbaceous perennial plant
  • LOCATION: Sunny to half-shaded, low water requirement. Pest management in the planting year only
  • PLANTING: Planting in pots all year round, except for the night frost periods
  • BEE PASTURE: Late flowering phase, several months long, ideal for all insects
  • BIOGAS: High biogas yields, environmentally good alternative for maize
  • LIFE CYCLE: 15-25 years as a permanent crop. Harvesting in winter

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Silphium perfoliatum, the cup plant, or cup-plant reproduces by seeds. Since direct sowing of the cup plant may cause considerable problems and does not offer the same economic advantages on small or middle-sized areas, as compared to larger areas, we recommend for these plants (test planting, bee pastures) the cup plant in a 2-3-liter pot.

Pot Silphium perfoliatum can be planted practically throughout the year, except for winter where night frosts prevail. Best Silphium perfoliatum planting time is May-June.


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