Paulownia Shandong in a small pot

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These Paulownia trees in the small pot (about 8 – 9 cm) are 10-20 cm high depending on the season and are delivered from March to October depending on availability. Initially relatively vulnerable, they develop into vigorous, ca <50 – 100 cm tall trees in the first summer after several weeks of growth. In the spring we recommend to cut them back to the floor so that they can push through the following year.

In general, the Paulownia Shandong clone is primarily for the timber production , alternatively also suitable as energy wood. Relatively good frost-resistant from -15C ° to -20 ° (if necessary down to -25 ° C) . Planting distance 3 to 4 meters, 750 to 1,100 pieces / hectare. We recommend this size for medium to large plantings as they are very good value for money.

For larger quantities that can not be ordered directly from our online store, please send us a message with your request to or call
P: +43-664 5325487.
Master gardener Reinhard Sperr will be happy to advise you!

Annual delivery of paulownia plants starts in early spring, starting around mid-March with outdoor wintering plants. From about mid-June to the end of the year (subject to availability), the newly increased will be available again. 


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