Virginia Mallow Root Cuttings

  • VIRGINIA MALLOW: Perennial shrubby plant with a long flowering period
  • PLANTING SITE: Sunny to half-shady, low irrigation need
  • BIOMASS production: High gain in growth, can be burnt loosely in wood-chip ovens and well-compactible, i.e., easy to store
  • WILDLIFE SHELTER: Sheltered from wind, safe storage place during winter months
  • HARVESTING: Winter to early spring
  • NECTAR PLANT: It flowers from summer to frosts, high-yielding honey production

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Virginia mallow, botanically Sida hermaphrodita, mostly propagates by seeds. However, its growth rates are not very practicable or very different from the current point of view, so we recommend planting it as rooted seedlings with pressed or large bales, root cuttings, or root culms. Growth ranges from about 80 to 95%. In weed management, you should pay a special attention to the Virginia mallow root cuttings at the beginning, because they start sprouting at very different times!

Here, you will get fresh root cuttings. For 1 hectare, you will need about 15,000 to 20,000 pieces.

Please note: Root cuttings can only be delivered within a small time frame from about mid-March to mid-April and must be timely ordered in advance in winter or early spring!


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