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Written by a.pedko on October 16, 2017 in Energy plants

Our winter is marked by snow shoveling, cutting hardwood and rods, accepting orders, and preparing for shipping.
In between, however, the news come that do not have much to do with selling energy plants.Such as at this weekend, from our last year’s trainee.


In winter 2013/2014, our company was strengthened by one more employee. Max Voith has chosen our company for his practical work. During that time, he was involved in packaging and shipping, and in our office activities, too. He wrote reports for our homepage and laid the cornerstone for his Bachelor thesis. Although he was not with us very long, he left a lasting impression, and we never lost contact. Then, the last weekend, a good news came from him: He completed his engineering degree as a forester! His Bachelor thesis was rated with 1.3. In our opinion, an excellent mark. We are very pleased for him and hope to see him again.
At Der Service Gärtner, our sister company, a lot has also happened regarding its employees this winter. Corinna Hersch has successfully completed a course for foremen, and our apprentice Florentin Moosburger has finished the third class at a vocational school.
Now, he is intensively preparing for his final apprenticeship examination to be able to call himself a skilled gardener, just like Alexander Wekerle who has already passed his examination successfully in 2014.

Stefi Wassermann

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