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China grass

Written by Reinhard Sperr on Gennaio 22, 2018 in Glossario

Chinese reed

(See also under Chinese reed)

The name “Chinese grass” or “Chinese reed” is mostly used to describe the ornamental varieties of the Miscanthus genus.

In agriculture, we practically always find Miscanthus x giganteus (also: Miscanthus sinensis giganteus), while in garden design, we can usually see the most varieties of Miscanthus sinensis, such as Zebrinus, Variegatis, Strictus, Small Fountain, Great Fountain, Small Silver Spider, Gracillimus und many more.

Jumbo grass is another term for these fast-growing Chinese grasses, which is also used by many people in garden design.\nIn the garden, high varieties are used as hedgerows, space dividers, or backgrounds. The smaller varieties of Chinese grass in grass beds, as bordering, or mixed in shrub bed plants. Due to its diversity and easy care (like with Miscanthus giganteus, pruning only once a year), Chinese grass is a very popular garden plant and also finds a wide range of applications there.

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