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Heat elephant grass

Written by Reinhard Sperr on Ottobre 21, 2017 in Glossario Miscanthus giganteus dettaglio

If you want to heat with elephant grass, there are some more technical challenges. However, if you meet the most important parameters, such as moving grate, special stainless coating of the combustion chamber (Nirosta), and large storage spaces, then you can readily heat with elephant grass. In Austria, there is now a number of boiler manufacturers that can be heated by elephant grass in your ovens (below). For mixing with wood chips by 30-50%, no special conditions are required. Problems with segregating and bridging (blockage during storage hinders seeping) can be mostly fixed manually.

In several model biomass cogeneration plants, elephant grass is now successfully burned in Austria and Germany. Basically, larger ovens are more suitable ofr heating with elephant grass than smaller ones.

Recommended manufacturers in Austria and Germany: Hargassner, KWB, Guntamatic, HDG, Fröhlingsdorf, Biokompakt, and Heizomat.

Here is our film about the use of Miscanthus, which represents Miscanthus heating and a riding stall where elephant grass is used as litter.

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