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Renewable Resources

Written by Reinhard Sperr on Ottobre 21, 2017 in Glossario

(See also Nawaros – the German abbreviation for renewable resources)

Renewable resources have already been used in multiple ways today. First and foremost, they are used for heat

Miscanthus/Elefantengras/Chinagras/Chinaschilf Hackgut/Hächselgut

Renewable Resources

generation, and, thus, reduce to some extent our dependence on international fossil fuels. Furthermore, these renewable raw materials are also used to generate electricity, as an industrial raw material, in construction, and also in agriculture.

In the future, much more research would probably be conducted into a viable and meaningful use of renewable raw materials for biofuel, and the question about available space will have to be opened inevitably.

Outgrowths, such as rainforest clearance in Brazil or Indonesia, or also partly overflowing maize monocultures in Germany for the use of renewable resources will be even more in question in order not to reverse the good thing.

We offer you poplar, willow, and robinia plants as energy woods in energy forests, as well as Miscanthus / elephant grass and, in the medium-term period, new energy plants, such as Sida, as renewable raw materials for your own cultivation.

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