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Wood fuel

Written by Reinhard Sperr on Ottobre 21, 2017 in energia foresta Glossario

Paulownia trunk, one year old

We use the term of “wood fuel” not only for biomass from short rotation / energy forest, but also any wood from “natural” growth, such as from forests, which issupplied for energy purposes.

With the increased use of wood for energy purposes (energy wood, or wood fuel), it also came to a competitive situation on the timber market in recent years. More and more biomass heating plants consume more and more wood for their operations. In addition, however, timber and wood for plate/paper industry is highly demanded in Central Europe.

For this reason, attempts have been made for some time, including by the above-mentioned “market players”, to produce wood fuel from alternative sources, such as energy forests, Miscanthus, or similar extensive energy plants, such as Sida. However, due to the sometimes very high grain prices and the lack of experience, it is still difficult to attract a greater number of farmers and landowners to the cultivation of energy forests for fuel wood use.
But the trend is rising throughout Europe, partly because the energy wood prices are quite passable without disasters, such as storms.
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