Silphie in una pentola (pressata) 4×4 cm

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The Perennial Silphie, also cup plant, botanical Silphium perfoliatum is propagated by seeds. However, as direct seeding of silphie often causes considerable problems and does not offer the same economic advantages on small to medium-sized areas as on large areas, we recommend the planting of silphie plants in a 4×4 press pot. Here you can achieve a very high growth rate (usually> 90%) compared to the seed and a much lower effort for the weed control, because the Silphie grow much faster.

Here you get the Silphie in 4×4 press pot, for 1 hectare you need depending on the planting distance about 15,000 to 20,000 pieces.
Silphie in the press pot, as well as the larger silphic potted plants, can be planted almost throughout the year, except in winter, when there is ground frost. Main planting season of Silphie is May / June.

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