Newsletter on Poplars, Willows, and Robinia in Short Term

Cultivation of Energy Trees

  • Late in March to at latest mid-May (highlands)
  • Set/plant saplings (about 20 cm), rods (1-2 m) or one-year-old rooted cuttings (1-2 m), 20-max. 50 cm into the soil and press well down
  • Plantation spacing as a single row (1,500-8,000 pcs) or in two rows (40-80 in each row), a passage (2.5-3 m, about 13,000 pcs/ha) between them
  • There are no high demands for soild or climate (different depending on the sort, also possible on marginal yield soils), however, the yields are higher on good farmlands
  • Planting: Tilling/ploughing farmlands in autumn, preparing them in fine crumbs in spring. You can still treat up to 0.5 ha manually, but it would be reasonable to use planting machines (we can also render this service for you within about 200-300 km around our place). You can also plant rods and rooted plants directly in greenland without further cultivation.

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Video: Energy Trees Planting

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Plant Protection in Energy Wood

  • in the year of planting, you should keep saplings as free of weeds as possible, mechanical or chemical control
  • starting from the 2nd year till the end of the useful life, no further processing is necessary
  • so far, just some insignificant occurrance of important harmful organisms or diseases

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Energy Wood Fertilizing

  • not unconditionally necessary; however, some insignificant growth in yields is possible (up to 100 kg N/ha)
  • in the year of planting, no fertilizing (bad maturing in autumn!)
  • reasonable would be fertilizing using compost, manure, and ash, as available

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Energiewald Ernte Gehoelzmaehhaechsler Class Jaguar
Harvesting Energy Wood, Copse Mowing Cutter Class Jaguar

Short-Rotation Harvest

  • during the pause of vegetation between December and March
  • depending on planting distances and sorts, every 2-10 years (willows and robinia more often than poplars, at closer plant spacing or fully mechanized harvesting more often than at larger plant spaces and extensive harvesting methods)
  • using re-constructed maize choppers and special one-off products is possible; economically reasonable for not too wide accesses and areas starting from about 3 ha
  • partly mechanized, using a chainsaw and a loader for smaller areas
  • about 5 harvests (20-25 years of useful life), after that grubbing using a wood mulcher, and new planting or another agricultural use
  • heating devices: customary wood chip heatings after drying to water content of under 30% or harvest-fresh directly at heating plants

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Frisches Hackgut aus einem Vollernter.

Fresh Chopped Material of a Full Harvester.

Yields in Energy Wood

  • 7-15 air dry tons (absolutly dry = dry mass) per ha and year, up to 20 air dry tons for poplars at optimal conditions

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Legal Information (for Austria)

  • up to 10 years upon planting, register with commune or or regional authorities
  • Consider the distances to neighboring lands: min. 3 m to max. 10 m (recommended as turning circle)
  • Please check the relevant local laws before ordering!

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